MA (Urdu)

The M.A. Urdu syllabus has both modern and interdisciplinary features. The programme aims at giving a fair knowledge of all the important forms of Urdu literature with introduction of other disciplines in Humanities and Social Sciences relevant to Urdu literature. The programme consists of several innovative optional courses like translation ‑ theory & practice, Introduction to Urdu Journalism, Writing methods for audio‑visual media, and a core/compulsory course in Computers & Urdu Software practices.

M Phil (Urdu)

The M.Phil. Programme has twin objectives: i) to train a student in research methodology so that he/she may pursue Ph.D. research in a systematic manner; and ii) to familiarize them with practical criticism so that their research does not become a mere enumeration of facts but exhibits an exercise of the faculties of critical appreciation and evalua­tion of literary works

Ph.D (Urdu)

The candidates for Ph.D. may be required to work on a topic approved by the Departmental Committee but our special targets are i) inter‑disciplinary topics ii) topics of comparative literature. Applicants for the Ph.D. course must submit along with their applications, a brief description (in about 500 words) of their proposed topic of research.