IMA (Telugu)

The I.M.A. programme in Telugu is of  ten-semester duration with all core and allied areas of Study.  The students will be awarded a B. A. degree after successful completion of six semesters, and a B. A. honors degree will be awarded at the successful completion of eighth semester.

MA (Telugu)

The M.A. programme in Telugu is of four-semester duration with all the important areas of study. There are three Core(4credits each) and two Optional courses(3credits each) in first three semesters. Students have to study three core courses, and have to submit a dissertation at the end of fourth semester. The dissertation will be of six credits, totaling 72 credits in the programme.  The courses are designed with an emphasis on all-round development of the personality of the students with adequate importance to job opportunities. The courses provide a wide range of specializations such as Classical, Modern, Folk, Dalit and Diaspora literatures, Literary Criticism and Aesthetics, Traditional Grammar, Telugu linguistics, Computer applications, and Mass media.

Ph.D (Telugu)

The Ph.D. programme is entirely a research programme oriented towards studies in classical and modern Telugu literature, comparative literature and culture, history, and Language studies. The Ph.D. programme will normally extend over a minimum period of three years from the date of confirmation of admission and maximum of six years. The nature of the programme is individually designed for each candidate, but invariably includes course work in the first two semesters and later, a thesis on the approved topic under a faculty guidance.